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The 70s

Mon, 03/05/2012 - 6:02PM by Divanista 0 Comments -

So if you have been looking at the latest "it" fashions, you will see that the 70s are back!  I am stuck on 80s funk.  Being a 80s baby, it is an era I missed (with the exception of my grandmother dressing me in rompers) so motorcycle jackets, animal prints and sequins are my ideal staples. I am not into high-waist pants or flared legs, the chunky heel is also a trend I am not a fan of for myself.  So how do I incorporate certain elements of the disco age into my life?

I guess I can rock some bad ass aviators (Michael Kors are both nice and affordable).  I am in love with feathered hair (Thanks Farrah!) My mission over the next couple of weeks is to give my 80s edge a break and focus on rewinding a decade to make to 70s work for me.  Stay tuned......


Big Sexy #1

Tue, 09/06/2011 - 6:08PM by Divanista 0 Comments -


So I unofficially met the ladies of TLC's show Big Sexy!  Because of Hurricane Irene, I am week late, but I was sure to set my clock and tune-in.  I actually have met Leslie while visiting Re/Dress on more than one ocassion.  Reality TV has become some unreal, but naturally this show is relatable.  I have experienced the same trials and tribulations as well as insecurities and setbacks. 

There were a couple of situations that transpired on this show, which struck a nerve-ESPECIALLY in the dating arena.  What is this stigma that is out there that equates a full figured, plus size curvy diva with being desperate?  Or that makes folks (men) feel we have to settle?  I am straying away from what Better Than Average is about, but it needs to be said.  I am the one who is actually picky.  I have a flexible checklist and when it comes to seeking a significant other my standards are high.  That's probably why I am single, but....I digress.  Am I not supposed to have a successful handsome gentleman in my life that is romantic, educated, chivalrous, caring and sensitive?  I am a 5'2 size 18 attractive intelligent lady who deserves an equal.  I shouldn't have to settle for anything less because society says I am not picture perfect....PLEASSSSE! Nor will I play the part in some man’s experiment. We all know the hood term: jump-off (if you don’t, it means that you are on the receiving end of a ‘booty call’). Now, while I have no reservations about casual safe fun, it should be mutual. If a lady is left wanting more at the end of that encounter, something is terribly wrong. Get it together and go get what you DESERVE!

LASTLY, the discrimination the ladies encountered when they went to that club was so upsetting.  I am a Connecticut girl-born and raised!  NYC is my favorite place (in addition to the Caribbean).  I love New York because of the creativity, culture and diversity.  So for a bouncer to make 5 women wait in the cold as others pass by, and then have the audacity to tell them that the cover charge is $30.00 is beyond offensive.  It's NEW YORK CITY.  Yes, it is the "Fashion Capital" and models and celebrities run the streets like it's a playground, but when you put all of that to the side-it's a real place!  Not the plastic glam of Los Angeles (gagging) or the bronzed beach world of MIAMI, this is as real as it gets.  I am not going to apologize to anyone for being a big girl.  I love myself.  I am not going to beg for acceptance either.  I am going to be myself.  Set my goals and standards high and I will strive to achieve everything the Lord has in store.  Any man who wants to get into my heart must strive as well.  I am a lady who has a little more flesh than some others.  It is what it is.  I'm flawlessly me; and, God don't make mistakes! ;) With that said, I wish people would stop acting like anyone over a size 12 is a mutant. One of my favorite physical features is my booty. When the thighs and hips are added, it all comes together. I’m blessed and I love it.


Fashion To Figure-Jerseylicious Style!

Sun, 07/10/2011 - 3:58PM by Divanista 0 Comments -
Fashion To Figure-Jerseylicious Style!
I'm a New England girl- born and raised, but due to my 2 years in the Garden State, I have developed a love and appreciation for New Jersey flare (animal print fashions and a smoky cat eye). Today I get to explore that culture in a road trip to Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, NJ. My destination- my latest heartthrob- Fashion to Figure. Every trip to F2F is a great experience, but today it's extra special. Doria Pagnotta of Style Network’s Jerseylicious will be in the building. Doria is a Fabulous Better Than Average fashionista. Her style is impeccable and today I get to include shopping and meeting new friends in one amazing adventure. I located Fashion To Figure immediately. The live DJ that was also there for the event drew me in. As soon as I stepped into the store Doria greeted me with a big smile. We spoke briefly and she was gracious enough to sign her Diva photograph for me. You never know what to expect from a celebrity or the environment that they are in. But I was pleased. She was stunning, had an amazing spirit, great attitude and approachable demeanor. There was a great leopard dress there, which both Doria and I had our eyes on. She snagged it, and I passed it up (for now). By the way, it is available on the site (www.fashiontofigure.com) I managed to leave the store with some great finds including a striped black and white tunic, a striped oatmeal and navy blue sundress, a floral sundress, a creamed colored shrug, a black and cream printed tube style top and an amazing pair of gold earrings. A true win win day. Fashion excursions are my favorite activity. Visiting a new boutique and finding resources that I had no idea existed and sharing them with Better Than Average readers is the gift that keeps on giving. There will be many more fashion excursions, boutique critiques and other information coming along. Thanks for reading! Love ya!


Thank you

Sat, 07/02/2011 - 11:50AM by Divanista 0 Comments -
Thank you
To anyone who has taken time out of your schedule to view the BETTER THAN AVERAGE blog..I would like to say THANK YOU. With a world full of blogs, it is hard finding an audience and keeping their attention. With that stated, I would like to ask all readers to please bare with me as I develop my content for "BTA". I am giving myself a two week timeframe. I want to make sure that the information I provide is relevant to you. I want to make sure that it is intriguing for both your viewing and reading pleasure. I am open to constructive critism and ideas. So as my mind flourishes for content, please feel free to follow me on twitter @203DIVA. I love you all and thanks for the support. Stay tuned as I make BETTER THAN AVERAGE a household name for all fashionistas... xoxoxo <3


Shop & Sip

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 6:04PM by Divanista 0 Comments -
Shop & Sip
I was invited to a "Shop & Sip" event at Kurvacious Boutique in Nanuet, NY. The concept alone is amazing: combining a nice glass of chilled bubbly and fashion= a great Saturday afternoon. Boutique owner LaTeffaney Scott, the designers of BGU (Big Girls United) and Belle Noir Magazine created this event to celebrate the shop carrying this new line. The dresses (and pants) were so amazing and the ladies so wonderful in the fashion preview I stayed for 2 rounds. The fabric selection is great: light weight and forgiving for our wonderful curves. I have two dresses on my menu. One, you can see a small glimpes of on the pic I have uploaded. It's being worn by Gina (blue dress in the upper right corner). To get this dress or more information: you can visit Kurvacious Boutique at 344 W Rte 59, Nanuet, NY 10954 or www.kurvacious.com or you can also go to BGU direct at www.biggirlsunited.com. PS: the dresses are affordable at about $165.00. Get your's today for your special event or just to bring out your most beautiful self. Enjoy!


Fat Girl Flea Market

Sat, 04/30/2011 - 8:52PM by Divanista 0 Comments -
Fat Girl Flea Market
After working my day job in CT, I managed to get to Manhattan to the Fat Girl Flea Market. Girl Power at its best. There was a $10 admittance fee. It was slightly overwhelming as a newcomer, but hey it's NYC-crowds and a fast paced environment are to be expected. I mainly went for the atmosphere. I drove, so I only paid for an hour of street parking, so I had to get in, be thorough, and get out..lol! The tables were organized by size and apparel type. I was interested in tops, accessories and dresses. My new client is seeking a corporate makeover look since she is getting back into the work force. So with her in mind, I browsed through several tops that were chic and professional. I found one that I loved for her. At the accessory table, there were a few handbags. I knew I saw a nice camel colored bag, but I thought I was a victim of the 'you snooze you lose' scenario. Fortunately, after exercising patience, and turning the accessory table upside down, I found the bag I had caught a glimpse of. And, she is a Liz Claiborne. You can see the two of them together. Once Maritza is dressed up, I'll ask if I can post a pic up here..In the meantime, please take a look at the two items I found at the FGFM. By the way-both items cost a total of $5.00. Yes total!! I cant wait to go back to the next flea market extravaganza.


Boutique Critique- Kurvacious

Fri, 04/29/2011 - 8:15AM by Divanista 0 Comments -

In search of Igigi fashions online, I was directed to a boutique-Kurvacious located in Nanuet, NY. I am somewhat familiar with that area due to the wonderful Palisades Mall that is a few exits away. After a quick trip to Manhattan, I decided to take the short drive over to Rockland County to visit this boutique. It was easy to find on Route 59, not too far from I-287. The shop is located in a small plaza of about 4-5 other stores (non-clothing). Parking is limited in the front, but there appeared to be extra space along the sides and possibly in the back.

When I walked in, I was immediately pleased. The setup was very feminine and boutique like. There was a nice melody of “neo soul/jazz” kind of music playing; and, everything was neat and arranged.

My new favorite clothing color is that vibrant Royal blue. My eyes gravitated to this chic over the shoulder vibrant blue top. This piece was only one of MANY fashion forward garments in the store. I was greeted by the owner-LaTeffany Scott. She was very gracious and eager (in a non-pushy way) to show the fashions throughout the store asking if I was ‘looking for anything special”? I was not, but that did not mean that I did not see many pieces that I wanted “just because”!

Every fashionista should have at least one transitional Cocktail Ring in her ensemble. I have several since I purchase them in bold hues. But, I did get a wonderful flower cocktail ring with medium blue tone and white stones and a stretch band. The price was affordable as well ($15) and I appreciated that it was put in a box and not thrown into a bag. I just appreciate and notice aesthetics such as that. There was a pink one also (I said Royal blue was my new favorite fabric and accessory color) but hot pink and fuchsia will always be my #1! In addition to the ring, I purchased a beautiful satin loose fitting pink top. It’s simple but can be worn in different ways (all purpose). I’ll get pics up of both. The shirt was neatly placed in a Kurvacious signature shopping bag (black with the store’s logo and name on the front). I saved it—aesthetics..lol!

In addition to a great shopping experience, I was also invited back for a “Shop and Sip” event in May. Kurvacious will be carrying a new line, so there will be a showing, shopping and sipping event. I’ll be there front and center and definitely will be writing something about it. Check back soon.

In the meantime, you can visit Kurvacious at:

344 W Route 59

Nanuet, NY 10954

Open Tue-Sat 11am-6pm

Sunday 11am-4pm



Happy Shopping, ladies!


Boutique Critique- Re/Dress and Johntines

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 6:17PM by Divanista 0 Comments -

Boutique Critique 2 and 3


I decided to take a venture to one of my favorite places in the WORLD- New York City: borough of the day BK (Brooklyn, of course!) I went with two destinations in mind: Re/Dress in Boerum and Johntine’s in Bed Stuy.

My excursion began in Cobble Hill @ Re/Dress. I had heard of this consignment boutique from visiting the Monif C. website. One of the models was sporting a fabulous pair of leopard leggings with the infamous Monif C. Convertible Dress (sidebar- if you are looking for an amazing and versatile dress in great bold solid hues- look into this dress—GO GO GOrgeous). Back to the leggings, I was able to find out that they came from a boutique in Brooklyn called Re/Dress. To google.com I went. Re/Dress is a consignment shop that purchases and sells trendy and gently used plus size clothing. Actually, not all items are used. They carry new merchandise as well. The boutique is neatly arranged and spacious. I have not really tried the vintage look on myself nor on my clients, but they have some nice vintage pieces. I may just look into trying something out of the box with the vintage look….

I found a cute pair of Ballerina Flats with ankle cuffs (adorable and edgy). And a few tops. The prices are quite fair as well. There were 3 employees in the store (not sure who the owner was) but they were all friendly and helpful. This shop is located in a great neighborhood. They have great hours including SUNDAY! And, if you are anything like me and adore cute little doggies, there is one little diva pup that wanders the store.

I will definitely go back soon, perhaps as it gets a little warmer and there is more of a summer selection.


109 Boerum Ave

Brooklyn, NYC

My 2nd half of BK day led me to Johntine’s in the Bed Stuy section of Brooklyn. You can purchase online and have merchandise shipped to you, if you cannot get to the shop. I was politely greeted by Johntine (owner). She was gracious and inviting as soon as I got in. She asked if I had been there before and expressed interest in what I was seeking. I advised her that I had my eyes open for my birthday dress (which isn’t until August). She made several recommendations. All of the dresses she suggested were great, but I didn’t find “the one”. She asked for my information and assured me that once something came in that screamed BIRTHDAY or PARTY she would be in touch. Excellent customer service. I even received a goodie bag. The boutique is not spacious, but that is not necessarily a con, especially since they accommodate by carrying merchandise online. And, the smaller space makes the shopping experience more intimate and allows you to interact better. Her motto, which I love is “Where the full figured and fabulous shop”.


332 Malcolm X Blvd

Brooklym, NY

So, now when I am crossing the Whitestone Bridge into Brooklyn USA I have two destinations in mind. Re/Dress and Johntine’s. Definitely worth the trip and gas. Go ladies….go!


Boutique Critique-Keaton's Cupboard

Wed, 04/13/2011 - 5:16PM by Divanista 0 Comments -

Boutique Critique

First up…

While on a mini trip to Charlotte, NC, I took a short (30 min) drive to Rock Hill, SC. I went to the RockHill Galleria Mall and found a gem nestled away in a corner of the shopping center. This was Keaton’s Cupboard. I have always liked the Igigi designs, and from the Igigi.com site, I found this boutique. I called ahead and spoke with a gentleman and advised him that I would be visiting. True to my word and with the help of my GPS I was able to find this apparel shop.

Upon walking in, I was a little dumbfounded. The supply of ladies clothing was a bit limited. I was greeted by a gentleman (soon introduced as Keaton Wells-owner). He explained to me that most of his business was conducted online and this is also where I could find more offerings. Mr. Wells also introduced me to a new phrase. From now on I am using (courtesy of Mr. Wells) “Size Sexy”. It sounds so much better than “plus sizes” and the overall concept of the term is liberating. Thanks for another positive outlook!

He was very cordial and suggested that I sign up for the store’s mailing list and “befriend” him on facebook for more information regarding his inventory, which I did. Within a couple of days, I was seeing the new Jessica Simpson Suede Pumps on his page. I am so very happy to have visited Mr. Wells’ store and plan on definitely stopping in again, when I am south. Please visit his store via the Internet www.keatons-cupboard.com or at the actual location: RockHill Galleria Mall, 2301 Dave Lyle Blvd., Rock Hill, SC 29730. You are sure to find something!


Getting Ready....

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 3:39PM by Divanista 0 Comments -

Full Figure Fashion Week is 11 weeks away and I am on the edge of my seat with anticipation for this event.  Actually, this is more than "an event".  This is a movement and I am so happy to be a part of this.  Living in such close proximity to New York City is such a blessing.  It has taken my career and endeavors to levels I cannot believe even now. 

I have the amazing task of putting my Stylist Hat on for a few clients who will be attending the events.  Such an honor.  Ladies, if you or someone you know is in search of a professional stylist (personal shopper) for FFFW or any other event you may be attending, please contact Selenia Moore at fashionabove@hotmail.com.  

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Remember: "You are your curves...love them!"